Bowing and Golf – Why It Matters

In an attempt to limit information overload for a day, let’s briefly point discuss topics regarding the current President of the United States that occasionally pop up –bowing to leaders of other nations and his extensive time on the golf course. These may seem quite trivial in the grand scheme of things, but in reality, they essentially point to the mindset and character of the individual with the world’s most important job.

There have been at least four largely publicized bowings during Obama’s first term. First was to the King of Saudi Arabia during a meeting of world leaders at the G20 summit in London in early 2009. As other world leaders shook hands, Obama bowed until his body was nearly at a 90 degree angle as the Saudi King stood fully upright (Want to talk about a real “War on Women”? Take a look at Saudi Arabia’s human rights record). Next was the bow to the Japanese emperor, where he managed to go just as perpendicular as the previous genuflection. Then there was the bow to Communist China’s President Hu, not only a nation that lacks basic human rights for their people, but also the holder of our massive national debt. The most recent bend came at this year’s G20 Summit to Mexican President Felipe Calderon. (For picture proof of the bowing bonanza, check the links below).

According to the Miss Manners book of etiquette, “One does not bow or curtsy to a foreign monarch because the gesture symbolizes recognition of his/her power over his/her subjects”. Like I stated above, these actions reflect a mindset and cannot be brushed off as just frivolous actions. It identically correlates with the world-wide apology tour Obama has taken both during and prior to his presidency. This is not reflective of true American leadership.

Now onto Obama’s propensity for golf. He has played over 100 rounds during one term in office, which, on average, takes about four hours per round. As he put it during a CBS interview, “it’s the only time that for six hours, I’m outside.” The problem with this statement, and the mindset as a whole, is that when you volunteer to run for president, the expectation is that it will be the most difficult job you’ll ever have. It’s going to include the most vigorous schedule and the longest hours of any occupation on the planet. You, in essence, are the head of the world. That being said, it should also come with the understanding that there isn’t going to be free time, activity time or “me” time. You must be 100% immersed in the role for four to eight years. If you are not, you aren’t taking the job seriously enough.

The main point is this: if you have spent more than 400 hours on a golf course, what things had to be pushed aside to make time for non-work related activities? Many verified reports have surfaced that, while unemployment levels remain high, Obama rarely meets with his Jobs Council. Prior to the Embassy attack and murder of our Ambassador last week, he had not attended the National Security meetings for nearly a week leading up to September 11. In fact, he has attended less than 50% of those meetings during his presidency. He also has turned down a meeting with Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, at a time when they are on the brink of destruction from all sides. However, he has time for the talk show circuit and fundraisers with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

We deserve better.

The Bows
The Saudi Bow

The Japanese Bow

The Chinese Bow

The Mexican Bow


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