Politics is my passion and obsession. For years, I have made a study of all aspects of the political world – both sides of the aisle – on a mission to accumulate a mountain of facts and evidence to show why both sides just can’t be right.

We live in a time where too many are too afraid, too under-informed or just too lazy to stand up for their beliefs. That time must end. Fantasies, half-truths, lies, emotionally-driven rhetoric and political correctness all stop here. This is education by facts, intelligent debate and gaining an understanding of what is truly at stake each and every day in the greatest nation this planet has ever witnessed.

This is The ARC.

Contact: theruminatingconservative@yahoo.com


One Response to About

  1. Lesley Q says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the George Soros owned company called SCYTL that is located in SPAIN of all places and is set to count OUR U.S. Presidential election votes this year? this is CRAZY. Where is the outrage from every US citizen?

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